Billy Preston

The Final and Definitive Body of Musical Work in the Lifeof the Grammy-Winning “5th” Beatle – Billy Preston.
To say Billy Preston was a musical legend is an understatement. This “Fifth Beatle” -  to which he was often referred - was a keyboard genius whose work adorned a list of world-renowned artists the likes of Eric Clapton, John Mayall, Macy Gray, Elton John,George Harrison, and of course, The Beatles.
As a gifted musician, singer, songwriter and film scorer, Billy Preston routinely shared the stage with Rock, R&B and Gospel royalty throughout his career. Music From My Heart - Billy’s final CD project before his untimely death in 2005, found this “artist’s artist” romping through a musical journey back to his Gospel music roots. It also reveals that which fueled the fire of has artistry that qualified him as an undeniable American Music icon.
Billy’s endless musical imagination and inventiveness will live forever in Music From My Heart.

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